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Business Planning

Lead Generation & Origination

Enhance your Lead Generation capabilities by expanding your footprint on and off the cloud:

AB CAPS banks and financial services institutions to tap every conceivable method for generation leads.

AB CAPS allows lead to be imported directly from campaign managers TWIXOR.

Foot on the ground sales people can create leads at customer location and upload KYC documents each lead is geotagged to prevents relevant leads.

Direct selling agents and store partner can now allows AB CAPS REST API's to transfer leads directly into AB CAPS.

AB CAPS also caters partners by offering a file upload utility for those who prefer Spreadsheets.

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Know your Customers. Transform your business.



Cutting edge solution

Our Lead Generation and Origination Solution will allow you to
  • A comprehensive document management system to store KYC, Pre and Post Sanction documents.
  • Comprehensive Rule repository to tag a Product. Eligibility of a customer is evaluated automatically.
  • Comprehensive Rule repository to tag a Product.Credit Norms of a customer is evaluated automatically.
  • Comprehensive Rule repository to tag a Product.Scoring of a customer is computed automatically.

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