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Business Planning

Collections Lending And Repayment

See what a Collections Lending And Repayment can do for your Institution

AB CAPS offers Banks and financial Institution a comprehensive toolkit to manage their Asset Portfolio is complements AB CAPS to offer seanless underwriting flows from Origination and Disbursement.

AB CAPS support Multiple Repayment types allowing you to Structure your loans and advances depending on the customer constitution.

Credit managers get a comprehensive view of the Structural history before authorising additional disbursals.

AB CAPS accelerated interest around process assures that your ROC completes in under 60 min.

AB CAPS supports various Banking formats to generate disbursal advice and Repayment to feed into the respective cleaning methods.

A comprehensive ROC and vault management allows you to track welcome letters,PDCS and other document artefacts.

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Repayment Structure in Seconds

Know your Customers. Transform your business.


Cutting edge solution

Our Collections Lending And Repayment will allow you to
  • Disbursal of a facility in multiple tranches each with its own repayment schedule or a consolidated repayment schedule with Pre EMI till the final disbursement.
  • To manage the files,Cheques and other artefacts.
  • Post Dated Cheques,Standing Instructions etc.
  • Daily accruals for interest and automatic posting to accounting.
  • Hand-off to banks with configurable file structures e.g. CSV.
  • Cancel, Foreclose, Reschedule or Change the repayment mode.

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