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Business Planning

Customer Acquisition & Customer Profiling

See what a CRM and Profiling Solution can do for your Institution

The Financial Services Industry is getting more competitive than ever with the emergence of newer players with access to sophisticated technology. Still using a a CRM created for other industries? Its Time to disrupt. Switch to a Customer Profile based CRM.

Our CRM solution combines several years of industry experience to transform your organisation from being product centric to customer centric

Reduce the lead conversion cycle by allowing sales team to focus on positive leads. Enable the sales team to achieve higher targets with realtime analytics and reporting. Comprehensive view of service requests and responses. Reduce process times and increase efficiency

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Know your Customers. Transform your business.



Cutting edge solution

Our CRM and Profiling Solution will allow you to
  • Capture your leads based on their constitution
  • Leads journey from sourcing to credit decision is constitution centric rather than product centric
  • Perform a qucik Credit Bureau check
  • Score and Profile your leads
  • Determine Product eligibility of leads
  • Automate your approval workflows
  • Integrate your Sales, Channels, Credit, Product Engineering, Operations and Service Teams

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