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2018 - Ushering in the new year with new products and technologies


Before we let you in on a sneak peek on the new product line up for a customers in 2018 lets look back at all that we have accomplished in 2017

2017 has been an amazing year for our development teams. In 2017 we delivered more lines of code than all the previous years combined! We released Uniview 8 a Drupal 8 version of our popular Fee collection application. A leading Small Finance Bank has agreed to take Uniview 8 to educational institutions. We delivered several enhancements to CAPS version 1. We successfully deployed a CRM on the liabilities side for one of the leading Small Finance Banks. We have introduced new versions of our CRM and Lending offerings with several enhancements. AB CAPS our CRM suite includes Customer Relationship, Origination, Credit Bureau Checks, Underwriting and Risk monitoring. AB COLE our Lending and Repayment management has Loan Management, Repayment Management and Vault Management. We have decided to base our product architecture on Appiyo BPM & EI Platform

All the products that we have launched are based on our enginerring and product management teams listening to customers. We are grateful to our customers who continue to support us.

2018 Product Roadmap

Our mission is to make it simple for Banks and Financial Institutions automate their Lead Generation and reduce the entropy in the customer onboarding process both on the assets and liabilities side of their business. In this context here is the lineup of what we plan to roll out in 2018


  1. An analytics application as a companion to the AB Suite
  2. An application for Call Centre executives to handle Incoming Customer interactions via Email, Telephone etc
  3. An application for managing delinquent accounts
  4. A comprehensive FAQ for the AB suite on the site to help prospective customers to evaluate the CRM suite
  5. Containerise AB suite deployments
  6. Move all our services to a more powerful computing infrastructure with resources to scale as Banks scale

These are just a preview of what we are working on in 2018. Do you have ideas on how the CRM for Banks and Financial Institutions should be structured? Comment on this post. We'd like to hear from you.


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