Our cloud solutions for the consumer credit companies is poised to work with clients in... »


If you are a trust with multiple institution or an institution with multiple campuses its time... »

Our healthcare solutions allows patients to book doctor appointments online and receive... »
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With our fast efficient and easy to use e-commerce solutions it is easy to open, operate and... »


  • We are pleased with Sastra's engineering and design team who have taken our corporate website to a higher level. Their turn-around times is very quick and we are very pleased with the service and support levels provided by them.
    Mahalingam H Group CTO & President HO, Equitas
  • Sastra Technologies is very innovative, courteous, helpful and are always available. They were able to help me set up all my web requirements to put my new business on the map and no request was too difficult. They work efficiently and always respond when I need them. Each member of their team is very professional and they are a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them.
    Moshe Ezekiel
December 30, 2013
Like many scientific concepts the term Web 2.0 doesn't have a definite boundary, it encompasses...
August 21, 2013
Developing a website for a corporation is a complicated task. It is a misconception that it takes...
Our 2014 Flyers for our Websolution offerings are out. The links to download :Sastra Technologies Corporate Flyer - Netraja - Experience Economy Experience FreedomSastra Technologies Corporate Flyer...
Our flyers for Uniview - Online Fee Collection Application for Schools and Colleges have just come off the design studio. Feel free to download them.FrontBack

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